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Waterjet Technology & Advantages

Flexible and Versatile

  • Utilizes a high pressure stream of water to cut a stock material. We can cut almost any material,  with the possible exception of tempered glass

  • Tolerances down to 0.005"

  • Environmentally friendly with no fumes, chemicals, or dust

  • Save time and money in creating parts, which would normally take multiple steps utilizing a CNC milling machine.

  • Waterjet cutting doesn't use any heat, chemicals, or mechanical influences on the material

  • Large 6' x 12' cutting envelope

WaterTalk is where you learn what is new, what we are working on, and how we can assist you.

  • Mineral Expolrations Drills. Yes we build a full range of mineral exploration drills. See our new drill tab for more information.

  • Yes, we are a small company. Yes, we are a new company. However, we all come with significant experience in engineering, sales and design.

  • We are more than a waterjet cutting service. We are; project management , engineering, design, prototyping, hydraulics...Anything you can dream of...we can build it.

  • We at Northwest Waterjet love a challenge project. Do you have a plant that needs debottlenecking? We have engineers on staff that will help you look at your bottlekneck and propose a solution in consultation with you. We can build almost anything. Northwest Waterjet has the talent, the equipment, and the facility to build what you require. Cost effectively with a quick turnaround.

  • Are you an architect? Are you looking for some unique custom signage? We can help you cut your design out of almost any material. We have cut wall panels, names, numbers....from stone to titanium.

  • Are you looking for custom built engineered equipment? We can probably build it for you. Our engineers have significant experience in building custom equipment for the mining, drilling, pulp and paper, and general industries. We will provide you with a no charge initial assesment of your project.

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Surrey, BC
Northwest Waterjet - Surrey BCNorthwest Waterjet