Northwest Waterjet - Surrey BCNorthwest Waterjet and Manufacturing Ltd, Surrey, BC


  • What is the largest possible working envelope possible utilizing the Northwest Waterjet?
The largest work envelope that Northwest Waterjet can accommodate is: 144" x 96". Material up to 24" tall can be accommodated.

  • What is the maximum thickness that you can cut?
The maximum thickness of material that can be accommodated by the Northwest Waterjet is 8".

  • How many axes is the Northwest Waterjet capable of cutting?
Northwest Waterjet offers a 3 axis waterjet. In addition, up to 9 degrees of tilt can be incorporated.

  • What kind of materials can you cut?
​​With the exception of tempered glass, we have not yet found a material we cannot cut.

  • What kind of files can you work with?
Any CAD files can be imported into our software. We can also take a standard picture file and import it into the software.

  • What other value added services can Northwest Waterjet provide?
​​We can provide, design services, fabrication, assembly, and complete project management from start to finish.

  • What size of projects can Northwest Waterjet accommodate?
​We are happy to take on projects of any size. Contact us with your requirements.

  • Are there any heat effects?

Waterjet cutting doesn’t use any heat, chemicals, or mechanical influences on the material. There is no warping or distortion of the materials due to external factors. That’s why it is the preferred way to make precision parts in aerospace and automobile industries. There’s no need to drill holes before the process.

Northwest Waterjet - Surrey BCNorthwest Waterjet